Our Services
Static and Mobile Guarding VIP Escort CIT Services Supply of Safety and Security Equipment Evacuation and Contingency Plans Risk Assessment and Security Plans Security Updates and Alerts Training Services Control and Monitoring services
Our Services
  1. Static patrol, and mobile response guarding.
  2. VIP escort.
  3. CIT services.
  4. Supply of safety and security equipment.
  5. Evacuation and contingency plans.
  6. Risk Assessment and security plans.
  7. Security updates and alerts.
    • Daily and weekly reports and forecast.
    • Emergency updates.
    • Traffic conditions
  8. Training services
    • Orientation course for foreigners in Palestine including culture issues.
    • Security awareness for non security.
    • Specialized security training courses for security professionals.
  9. Control and Monitoring services
    • Asset tracking and intervention service.
    • Alarm system and CCTV monitoring and intervention service.