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PALSAFE was the first certified integrated security service provider in Palestine and was established in 2006. Since then it has grown to become the largest security provider with more than 600 employees. Today, PalSafe is a member of Wassel Group, which is a public trading company.

The clients of PalSafe cover the full range of security environments, from the public, private & diplomatic sectors through to major commercial and industrial areas. PalSafe maintains a technically sophisticated 24/7 Control and Monitoring room, (CMR), which is the pumping heart of the company. It provides telephone, radio, SMS, CCTV and internet communications and its staff is trained to conduct CCTV and asset tracking surveillance, response to alarm alerts, deployments of PalSafe security resources, and operational control of incidents. Additional, they provide security updates and alerts via SMS technology.

PalSafe also maintains mobile response teams that provide patrol capacities and fast response to incidents and alarms.